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The Cat, the Rooster, and the Young Mouse
an Aesop Fable

       mouseA very young mouse made his first trip out of the hole and into the world. He returned to tell his mother of the wonderful creatures he saw.

     "Oh, Mother," said the mouse, "I saw some curious animals. There was one beautiful animal with fluffy fur and a long winding tail. She made such a tender vibrating noise. I saw another animal, a terrible looking monster. He had raw meat on his head and on his chin that wiggled and shook as he walked. He spread out his sides and cried with such a powerful and frightening wail, that I scurried away in fear, without even talking to the kind beautiful animal.

      Mother Mouse smiled, "My dear, that horrible creature was a harmless bird, but that beautiful animal with the fluffy fur was a mouse-eating cat. You are lucky she did not have you for dinner."

cat and rooster


Do not trust outward appearances.